Bentwood Subdivision is located on Highway 79 near Falls of Rough, Ky. It is also bordered on Rough River Lake, which is the main attraction for owners. The Lake is approximately 5100 acres. Bentwood is a restricted community with minimum requirements for homes which aids the stabilization of prices for the homeowners.

Rough Rive Lake lies within the "Clifty" area of Pennyroyal Region of Kentucky. The term "Pennyroyal" or "Pennyrile," used interchangeably, denoted an area exceeding 11,000 square miles. The name derived from a plant of the mint family which grows profusely throughout the area.

The Clifty area comprises the western edge of the Pennyroyal layers have been assigned by geologist to the Chester Series of Late Mississippian Geologic Age, a period estimated to have existed about 300 million years ago.

An abundance of water in the area, both surface and underground, has caused solutioning in the limestone and as a result, created a myriad of sinks and caverns. The most important cavern in the area is Mammoth Cave, the longest cave system in the world with over 240 miles of mapped passageways. The Pennyroyal plain, extending from northern Tennessee through Kentucky to central Indiana, is an outstanding example of "Karst" (sinkhole) topography and is the most widespread topographic feature of this type in the United States.

Rough River Lake was authorized under the Flood Control Act of 1938. The Louisville District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers designed, built, and operates the project to reduce flood damages downstream from the dam. The dam is in Breckinridge and Grayson counties, about 6 miles upstream from Fall of the Rough on Rough River.

During the fall and winter months, when excessive rainfall is likely, the lake is kept at a relatively low level referred to as winter pool. Should heavy rains occur, surface water runoff is stored in the lake until the swollen streams and rivers below the dam have receded and can handle the release of the stored water without damage to lives or property.

Dam Information

Dam Type: Earth core with rock fill
Maximum Height: 130 feet
Length: 1,590 feet
Maximum width at base: 819 feet
Drainage area above dam: 454 square miles

Pool Elevation Area Length
(Feet mean sea level) (Acres) (Miles)
Winter 470 2,180 29
Summer 495 5,100 39
Total Storage 524 10,260 45

Boundary/Adjacent Landowner Information

  Fee Boundary

Rough River Lake has approximately 266 miles of fee boundary line (often referred to as "red line") surrounding 4,522 acres of fee property above the summer pool. The Corps of Engineers inspects 25% of the boundary line each year, marking trees along the boundary with red paint. This paint indicates the approximate location of the boundary line and does not show the exact location of the line. At most boundary corners, metal fence posts, often with orange plastic sleeves, indicate a more accurate location of the boundary line.

The Corps of Engineers requests your assistance in preventing encroachments on public land. Quite often, private lot surveys do not agree with the established boundary line at Rough River Lake. In order to prevent encroachments, we recommend that adjacent property buyers contract the services of a licensed surveyor prior to purchase, and that current owners contract the services of a licensed surveyor prior to any construction. Any discrepancies must be resolved prior to any construction activities on any land in question. Any encroachments onto lands owned in fee by the United States are subject to collateral citations, which can result in a fine not to exceed $5,000 and/or up to 6 months in jail.

In addition to fee property, the Corps of Engineers has also purchased a flowage easement on over 4,000 acres of land around Rough River Lake, using the ground elevation of 534 as an acquisition guide. These easements were purchased for the temporary storage of flood water during periods of high rainfall. Because of the potential for flooding, allowable improvements to property with flowage easement restrictions are limited. Vegetation alteration (mowing, agriculture, timber harvesting, etc.) may be allowed under the flowage easement restrictions. Structures not intended for human habitation (gazebos, barns, storage buildings, decks not attached to houses/trailers, etc.) are allowed only after written permission in the form of a consent to easement has been obtained from the Corps of Engineers. Septic systems and structures intended for human habitation are prohibited on land encumbered with a flowage easement.

The boundary line of flowage easement property is not well marked. The limits of the flowage easement should be indicated on the deed of any property affected by the easement. Some information on the boundary of flowage easement property is available at the Rough River Lake project office. To locate the boundary line on any affected property, however, the Corps of Engineers recommends that landowners obtain the services of a licensed surveyor. Encroachments on land encumbered by a flowage easement are violations of legal restrictions on the property and are subject to litigation.

If you have any questions about the fee or flowage easement boundary line at Rough River Lake, please contact the Rough River Lake project office. An appointment with a Corps Ranger can be scheduled to assist you with answering any questions you may have.

Licenses and Permits

Landowners in subdivisions adjacent to Rough River Lake may be eligible to apply for a license or permit to conduct certain activities on government property, including placement of a boat dock, construction of stairs or steps, construction of a pathway (improved or unimproved), vegetation alteration (mowing), construction of roads, turnarounds, parking areas, and boat ramps, and installation of fish attractors.

Restrictions apply as to where on the lake these activities may take place. For additional information, please visit our Shoreline Use Permits and Licenses page by clicking the link to the right, or call the Rough River Lake project office.

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